41 DEAD in LATEST Eastern DRC ATTACK - Terrifying Footage!

Watch the terrifying footage of the latest militant attack in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo where at least 41 people lost their lives. Stay informed about the devastating events unfolding in the region and the impact of violence on innocent civilians. Stay tuned for more updates

The New Africa News Report: Rising Death Toll in DRC Attack by Islamist Rebels June 10, 2024

Kinshasa, DRC – The death toll from Friday's brutal attack by militants and Islamist rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has climbed to at least 41, according to a government statement released on Monday.

In the aftermath of the attack, Red Cross volunteers, along with local youth from the village of Masala in North Kivu province, have been scouring the area in search of bodies. The harrowing assault, which targeted the villages of Masala, Keme, and Mahini, saw armed assailants wielding guns and machetes, mercilessly attacking residents.

Maurice Kambale Mulehera, a resident of Masala, expressed his grief and horror: "We learned that our fleeing family members were killed along the way. Here we have two bodies, a girl and a boy. Look how they were killed."

While the North Kivu region has recently been under threat from M23 rebels, the Congolese army has identified the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) as the perpetrators of this latest attack. The ADF, which has operated in the DRC for over three decades, frequently targets both the Congolese military and civilians in North Kivu and Ituri provinces. The group has also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

The people of Masala remain in shock, grappling with the aftermath of the ADF militants' deadly rampage that left many dead and homes destroyed. Civil society members in the region report that over 80 individuals have been killed in a series of assaults since last Tuesday, sparking urgent calls for increased government protection. For nearly 30 years, the eastern DRC has been engulfed in violence involving over 100 armed groups vying for control over power, land, and valuable mineral resources.

This prolonged conflict has displaced more than seven million people, leaving a trail of devastation and humanitaria crises.

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The New Africa 5 w

I think it may still take some time for Congo to settle because it seems there are some government officials who have a hand in the conflict. In general, it's a business for both foreigners and some of their leaders. Congo need serious leaders.

Roger Wisozk 5 w

The most annoying and disturbing part of it is that those attackers are few and even for them getting resources to fight it can be difficult if only Congo government can come up and do the needful. Tshikedi is blinded by his evil neighbors especially this old man from Uganda. He can't learn from past this guy's attacked congo together with rwanda and stole minerals of which Ugandan are still paying for it, what does that mean for Tshikedi and his government? Rubbish and very disgusting!!

Face Up 5 w

This Congo government should really be at its pace to help and secure his people. This is ridiculous to see such a huge country with huge population and minerals crying and weeping like pigs weeping for food, so disgusting!!!