Finding Legit jobs on Legit Websites:what you need to know

Are you tired of searching for jobs on sketchy websites or getting caught up in scams? This blog post will guide you through the process of finding legitimate job opportunities on reputable websites. Learn how to identify trustworthy job boards, tailor your application materials, and incre

Legit Job Websites:


1. LinkedIn: A professional networking site with a vast job search feature.

2. indeed: A popular job search engine with millions of listings.

3. Glassdoor: A job search site with company reviews and salary information.

4. Upwork: A freelance platform for various skills and services.

5. We Work Remotely: A remote job board with diverse listings.




1. Resume: Tailor your resume to the job description, highlighting relevant skills and experience.

2. Cover Letter: Write a compelling cover letter explaining why you're the perfect fit.

3. Skills: Develop in-demand skills, such as coding, writing, or design.

4. Experience: Gain relevant work experience through internships,volunteering,or previous jobs.

5.Education:Meet the required educational qualifications,such as a degree or certification.

6.Portfolio:Create a proffessional portfolio showcasing your work,especially  for cteative fields.

7.Refrrences:Prepare a list of proffessional references,including previous employers or mentors.




1.Use Keyword:Utilize job related keywords in your resume and cover letter.

2.Network:Leverage LinkedIn connections and attend job fairs or industry events.

3.Customise:Personalize your application materials for each job.

4.Follow up:Send a polite follow up email after a week of applying.

5.Research:Thoroughly research the company and position to demonstrate your interest.


By using legit job websites and meeting the necessary requirements,you will increase your chances of landing a fulfilling career.Remember to stay vigilant and avoid scams by never paying for a job or providing personal information 

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